How to grow your voice!

For the longest time I focused too much on trying to sing higher and higher. As a first Tenor and somebody working towards becoming a professional singer, it felt like this was just absolutely necessary. But how do you get to singing those high notes well? In my opinion, there are a lot of different roads to the same ocean, your trick to success may be different from the next person, and it’s probably not going to happen overnight.

However, rather than talk about these tactics, I want to discuss how constantly reaching to higher and higher notes may actual send you in the wrong direction for your vocal progress. You may hit the high note you were working on eventually, but its not hitting the note that strengthens your voice, its HOW you hit note and HOW it feels.

The Middle Way

When a voice is growing in a healthy way, your range will extend in BOTH DIRECTIONS! What this means is that you often find that a progressing singer will be able to hit new low notes as well as high notes when they are doing everything right!

You may be asking why is this the case? Oftentimes, your voice must first release unnecessary tension and lifting before any growth in range can occur. Likewise, if you have been working your high notes too much and incorrectly, you will find that you start losing too many of you’re lower notes. The whole voice is displaced upwards in order to reach them. If you continue to sing from there, your high notes may start to feel pinched and the sound will get smaller and smaller. You will notice that your voice gets tired faster and it may start to hurt! Stop and take a break and let your voice find equilibrium again. If you keep pushing and reaching, then you will actually make your voice smaller and it will shrink into the center.

Thus, in my opinion, the best place to train your voice is from the MIDDLE. Find strength, support, as well as ease and buoyancy in your middle range! From that secure note, wherever it is in your range, try and sing low and high as an extension from the middle. The note will feel like its resonating in a different place (it is), and you will need to increase your support if you are singing higher. So don’t lose that connection to the middle of your range. It’s this feeling that keeps you from lifting or lowering too much, and despite the changes in feeling and intensity, this sensation will keeps the body stable. Ultimately, everything in your range should feel as strong and relaxed as the more comfortable middle range notes. This is the road to what looks like effortless singing! Singing then becomes sort of a magic trick and people will be impressed! Hope this helps and good luck!

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