The Benefits of Singing in the Shower

So maybe you are just starting to learn how to sing, or you are at least thinking about trying. Perhaps you have been singing for a while, but feel that you are at a roadblock in your progress. I know it sounds cliché, but singing in the shower is one of the best things for a singer, and there are very real reasons for why!

  1. STEAM. Steam directly moisturizes and relaxes the vocal folds; so don’t turn the fan on! In one of my earlier articles “What to Drink before a Performance,” I explained that when you drink water, it does not touch your vocal chords directly upon entry. In fact, if you chug water before you go on stage to sing, then you may find yourself suddenly parched because the water strips your mouth and upper throat of liquid as it hurdles down your esophagus. Don’t get me wrong here, drinking water is incredibly important. However, proper hydration from water takes time. One way to get an immediate, short-lasting result is breathing in lots of vocally rejuvenating steam.

  1. Hot Water. When you are in the shower, it is a lot easier to relax your muscles, eliminate habits of tension, and fix your posture while singing. The hot water allows your muscles to soften and this is particularly true of the head, neck, and shoulders.

  1. Resonant Acoustics. Most bathrooms are incredibly resonant as they are made of a harder more water resistant surface than most of the house. This allows you to better hear your own voice and not attempt to push too hard or over-sing. You will find that each bathroom has a few resonant sweet spots that will cause the whole room to vibrate and ring. This is a great way to relocate your own resonance (a high ringing sound that allows for stronger more healthy singing).

  1. More Socially Acceptable. Singing in the shower is sort of funny for other people to listen to. I think this may be because of how organically it makes people sing. We are often in our own private space in the shower and there is something endearing about hearing people you know singing like that. The reflective and resonant surfaces of the shower should cause sound waves to bounce around a lot inside the bathroom, so hopefully in most cases the bathroom will muffle the sound to the outside ear. If you are unsure of this, then test it out and see if any of your roommates or family members can hear you.

  1. Away from the Piano. When you are in the shower, then you are not obsessing over what note you are hitting. The piano is very important to practice with, but you want to make sure that you are singing based on how you feel, not where you are in terms of musical notation. Wait until afterwards and then go check to see how high and low you were singing.

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